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About Us

Founded in 2009 by Josh Grillo, Attivia has grown to be one of the most innovative solution providers for all of Orange County. Attivia rapidly grew from a home based business to their first office location in Laguna Hills. We grew upon our core values: Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Passion, and just always doing the right thing by our clients and colleagues.

Josh’s Vision for the company was to be unique and innovative. He did not want to be just another guy fixing computers and building websites. He wanted to give new meaning to the idea of being a trusted advisor to his clients. He used leading technologies to power new and creative ideas to help his clients thrive. In difficult economic times Josh realized that so many companies out there needed a way to reduce, predict, and control costs and still use IT to operate and grow their business. The word “Attivia” is influenced by the Italian word Attivo, which translates to Active. That is exactly what businesses needed from their IT to be profitable. They needed their business to be active.

Being active is about more than always working. Active is about being in state of perpetual growth. It is about being wider in scope. Attivia has always done what we do to help our clients grow and be successful. Our goal is to partner with your team and keep you in a state of progress and motion. We keep you active.