Everyone has accidentally imported their library twice into iTunes or something along those lines. Instead of sifting through all those songs on your own or downloading more software we will show you how to use iTunes to get rid of those duplicate songs.

If you are selected on your music library you can start off by going to File > Display Duplicates

Now you should be looking at ALL of your SUSPECTED duplicates. iTunes just looks for any duplicate information, and although most of these are in fact duplicates, a couple from time to time are not.

The more accurate method to finding your duplicates is this: Hold down the Shift Key > Click on File > Then you should now see “Display Exact Duplicates” > Click on it

This search will result in showing you all songs that have the exact same name, time, artist, and album. So if you accidentally imported the same album or entire library twice, this will take care of your issue very well.

You can select multiple songs at one time by holding down the Ctrl Key or select an entire list of songs by selecting the first one, hold down the Shift key, and then click on the last song.

Once you have selected all the duplicates go ahead and delete them. Enjoy your clean Library!

By: Josh Grillo