For years “I device” users have wanted to have flash for their iPhones, ipod touchs, and ipads; however, apple as usual put their block on it. Flash lets you see animations, play games, watch certain videos, etc on the web. Well now thanks to Comex, the same hacker who developed the website jailbreak, has uploaded an application called “Frash” to the Cydia app store. This means that you need to jailbreak your device in order to use it. Using Comex’s this is super simple and takes just minutes.

Frash would be compatible with the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS, the third generation iPod touch, and the iPad. Be forewarned however that the app — which enables Flash in Mobile Safari — will only support basic Flash animations, but not Flash video. It’s a start however, and those who really want the support on their iOS devices are probably not going to mind the drawbacks.

To take it for a test run I went to and played a few of the games there to test it out. The Flash worked beautifully. Of course I enjoy having the ability to play games and watch animations on the web now, but my main incentive to download this is to quiet down those Droid users.

By Josh Grillo