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orange county seo search engine optimization

Our team of search engine specialists ensure that your website is optimized to dominate the web space for your industry. Throw away those yellow pages! Everyone else has! Search Engine Optimization is an art, and Attivia has mastered it!

SEO, or search engine optimization, is simply the process of working to get your website on the first page of search engines such as Google. Orange County SEO is performed to gain more exposure for your business. Attivia tailors a strategy specifically for your business, optimizes your website for SEO best practices, and then unleashes a campaign designed to make your business dominate the search results.

How does this help your business grow? Google, Yelp, and other local directories online have become the new Yellowpages. Attivia uses your SEO campaign to position you in such a way that consumers that have never heard of you, are finding you on Google. These are consumers looking for a business to buy a product or service from. By getting your website on the first page of Google and YELP, your website traffic will explode. It’s a numbers game. The more people coming to your beautiful website, the more prospects you will have.

Although we offer SEO services to websites around the country, Attivia takes great pride in helping our friends right here in Orange County and surrounding areas with their SEO. We are a local business started from the ground up, and we want to help our fellow business owners succeed!


orange county seo search engine optimization SEO PROCESS

The SEO Process

The first step in the process of SEO is to form a strategic Internet marketing plan around search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (optional), social media marketing, conversion optimization and search-optimized Web design. We tailor a package to your company by using multiple areas of your company’s online presence. SEO is not just about your website. Success is achieved by weaving your Social Media outlets, internet marketing, etc. together.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is usually the first step we take when we start a strategy for a company. In SEO we refer to keywords as the words that people type into a search engine such as Google. An example of these keywords would be, “Orange County SEO company.” It is important to identify our client’s key niche and the right keywords for them. Once these keywords have been identified, we can tailor their website construction, pay-per-click, blogging, online marketing, etc. to those words. Relevancy is key!

Link Building

It is estimated that 70% of SEO is dependent upon link metrics. Whether you are in New York or  Orange County, SEO rests on creating a strong link portfolio for your website. Link building is the process of forming partnerships with other websites and trading links. Your SEO greatly benefits from others posting links to your website. However, the trick is building the right links on the right sites. In search engine optimization, quality is better than quantity.

Content Analysis

Attivia will review your website content to ensure that it is optimized for your SEO. Search engine optimization requires content to be relevant and tied into your keywords from your keyword analysis. In addition, for your SEO campaign to be successful you need enough content on your website and a good balance of keywords mixed in. There are several other factors that your content needs to satisfy as well.  Content needs to be well thought out and structured to produce results.

Video Optimization

Did you know that is the world’s second largest search engine? Did you also know that a successful YouTube video can dramatically increase your website’s SEO? Companies very often overlook the power of video. Video is one of the fastest and most unique ways to promote your online presence and website SEO.


So you hit your target goal for traffic to your website… your Orange County SEO company has gotten your website to page 1 of Google… did you actually sell anything? How much of your traffic is being converted into sales? All of that can be tracked, and if your conversion ratio is poor, then there is something obviously wrong. We analyze your site, and we adjust content to increase your conversions. Search engine optimization works in close conjunction with Conversion to make you successful.

Paid Search Marketing

As we said before, we tailor our strategy to every single client. Everyone gets a unique approach. This Service is not for everyone; however, it is extremely powerful for those clients that it is right for. Pay-per-click, or Adwords, is a very efficient way to get immediate targeted results. You are paying for clicks to your website on specific targeted keywords that you have picked. This service also works well with our Conversion service. If you are paying to have people click on your site, you had better be converting those clicks to sales!

Orange County SEO, search engine optimization, partners up extremely well with our Social Media Consulting service. In fact it puts the Social Media Consulting service on steroids!