With the several hundred internet speed test websites out there it can be confusing to know which one is the best, and are they all accurate? Speedtest.net is extremely accurate as it using severel different hosts, and pinpoints the host that is closest to you for the most accurate results.

Speedtest.net also comes with a few other features that set it apart from the competition. It saves all your results so that you can look back and compare your internet speeds. This would come as a useful tool to an IT administrator or someone trying to figure out the impact of something on his/her network over the past several months. Speedtest.net also comes equipped with an iPhone app. Again, as an IT administrator, I love this app. There are several scenarios where I need to test the speed of the internet to diagnose why a machine is not working correctly. I do not always have a computer (that works) readily available to test with. This helps me to diagnose if there is a problem with the internet or the computer itself. Regular users can find useful applications for the iPhone app as well, such as testing a foreign wireless network to see if it has enough bandwidth to handle the task you are about to break out your laptop for.

After you get your results Speedtest.net will give you a comparison chart to help you judge how fast your internet connection is or you can compare your results with the chart below.  The average user will want a connection that gives you at least 1-1.5 mb/s download speed. Any lower than that and you will have some trouble streaming video and things of that nature.

By: Josh Grillo