Orange County Web Design

Attivia’s web design specializes in creating clean, beautiful, and professional websites that will help keep your company active and growing. We look at your website from several different angles. When developing a website or consulting on one we look at:

  • Aesthetics – When it comes to web design there is nothing superficial in caring about your aesthetics. If it looks bad… Users will leave.
  • Functionality – Is your website capable of offering everything you and your users want it to?
  • Usability – Is it easy to navigate? Is it easy to understand? Is there too much going on? Will it confuse your users?
  • Appeal – This ties into some of the other categories, but will your users enjoy the site? Will they stay and browse around?
  • SEO – Is your website designed to be search engine (SEO) friendly? Do you have an SEO strategy?
  • Marketing – We take ourselves out of the “creative” mindset, which can be distracting, and we evaluate if the website will market your products or services well. If it does not do this very well then it does not matter how it looks.
  • Social Media – Web design is not the whole story. Your online success can be catapulted forward by taking advantage of social media. During the web development process we will ensure that your website is consistent with your social media and that the website is using social media in the most beneficial ways.


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