Many people get used to doing things a certain way simply because they don’t know there is a different way. Google has many shortcuts to find things that you look for everyday. This video will show you 7 tips that will help you with your searching.

  • Clicking the Cached button below a search result will highlight all the keywords that you searched for in the websites pages.
  • Definitions – Pull up the definition of the word by typing define followed by the word you want the definition for. For example, typing: define computer would display the definition of that word.
  • Going to an Airlines website to check a flight status isn’t TOO difficult, but Google makes it that much easier by letting you type the flight number into the search¬†field¬†to find the status.
  • Ever been curious what websites might have a link back to your website? Just type in link: before your URL. (ex. link:http//
  • Have you ever wanted search results for a specific file type only? Use the filetype: feature. (ex. computer filetype:pdf) **This is very handy for image searches**
  • Google comes with a built in calculator. Just type in a math problem such as 100+200 and watch the magic.
  • Just like some of these others, it is not very hard to find stock information, but Google makes it very quick. Just type in your stock such as msft and view stock quote price, charts, and related links.

By: Josh Grillo