If you have ever tried to turn off the screen or open up another app on your multitasking iPhone, while playing a YouTube video, you may discover that is stops the playback of the video and the Audio goes away.

Here is a simple work around to keep the audio playing so that you enjoy the benefit of being able to multi-task:

1. You will need to start the video in the web app (m.youtube.com).
2. Press your home key once. Your playback will stop and safari will close.
3. Double-tap the home key to open your dock (your running programs).
4. Slide the dock to the right until you see the background audio controls. The single icon on the right of these controls will correspond to your last program used that played audio.
5. Press the play button. You will now hear hear the audio from you YouTube and can lock the home screen or enjoy your multitasking feature.

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