Orange County Social Media Consulting

orange county social media consultingThere is that BuZz word. Social Media. Social media is one of the most effective ways to stay connected to your audience, customers, or clients. It takes a skilled and planned out strategy to execute an effective Social Media Campaign.

In this modern age Social Media is where it is at. Organic search results can be extremely competitive and costly; however, social media has the potential to produce immediate results at an economical price. Social media is a thriving and powerful industry that most companies look over when developing their online strategy. It is easy to get so focused on your web design  and forget about those tools out there that can pump traffic into your website. Social Media Marketing is an excellent tool to compliment your overall SEO strategy.

Attivia will analyze your business and get you in front of the right audience on the right social media outlets. We work with every social media outlet from Facebook to geo-location networks such as Foursquare.

Social media is one of the ways to reach your audience in the most targeted manner. Many of the social networks collect a lot of information from their users. This enables businesses to direct their marketing specifically at the people that they want to see it. As part of your social media stradegy, Attivia will identify your target audience for your campaign and incorperate that into the plan.

Once we create your social media stradegy, it is time to execute it! Our company will manage all the posting for you. That’s right, you can sit back and focus on your core business! By letting us manage your posting you can ensure that the right content is being distributed.

This service partners up extremely well with our SEO service. In fact it puts the SEO service on steroids!